Welcome to our contact page.

We work remote, but you can always contact us through e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also find us on LinkedIn. See our FAQ for some more detailed information.


Can you hack our website without permission?

We could try but we don't do that. We only do authorized penetration tests.

How is the penetration test conducted?

First, we will have a call with you to define the scope of the penetration test. Then we will send you some questions. Based on your answers, we can do a blackbox, grey-box or white-box (with credentials and/or sourcecode) penetration test.

When you're finished, what will you deliver?

We will deliver a penetration test report with vulnerabilities and recommendations.

Is the information confidential?

Yes. We will only share our findings with you.

Can you provide NDA?

Yes, we can.